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Machining Manufacturer of Parts & Components

Manufacturing of complex EDM Electrical Discharge Machining of satellite parts on the hardest and toughest materials available.
Satellite Parts and Components: Close tolerance
detailed machining to precision specifications and diameters in engineering of your demanding project.
Wire Cut Company is the recognized as leader in complicated satellite and aircraft (EDM) electrical discharge machining components. See more picture examples of EDM Services & Parts

Satellite EDM Parts Manufacturing Capabilities

  • EDM Tolerances: +/- .0002
  • EDM Axis: 4 Axis Machining CNC
  • EDM Thickness: 24 inches EDM
  • EDM Diameters: From .008
  • High production volume EDM to EDM prototypes

Machining EDM Parts for application of miniature, small, large and giant parts and components for satellite, defense, rockets, aerospace, and aircraft requirements.

EDM Facilities
Inspection: AS9100D

EDM Materials

• Stainless steel
• Titanium
• Steel
• Copper
• Aluminum
• Hastaloy
• Kovar
• Carbide
• Inconel
• Hard tool steels
• Any conductive material

Wire Cut Company uses cooperation and creativity to meet any and all design challenges which have made us a valuable asset to leading edge manufacturing in parts and components for satellite, aircraft and aerospace industries.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with quick turn around and delivery on demand with our 24-hour EDM machining operations.

EDM miniature, small parts manufactuer for satellite components and parts
manufacturer of satellite EDM components & parts edm machined
Satellite EDM complicated, complex manufacturing
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